Pōtent Häbit was originally created as the name for my Reiki healing company in 2014. Passionate for art, it was important to create a brand that matched my vision to merge a modern and innovative design concept with the spiritual world. 

It was during the exploration of sacred geometry that my plan for Pōtent Häbit was realized as much larger than just for Reiki.

“It is a lifestyle brand connecting the dots to healthy habits producing a better self!”

What habits do you do on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis that are actually for your highest and best?  For some of you there may not be too many, and that is ok.  Everyone starts somewhere.  Lets eliminate the toxic habits and incorporate the healthy ones to produce a smoother life resonating at higher frequencies. 

I am so honored to be of services for others as a clear vessel for healing and I look forward to the journey ahead with all of you! Live by the Pōtent Häbit lifestyle…the rest will follow.